The Constitution of Medina & The Concept of the Welfare State [Introduction and Salient Features]

The Constitution of Medina & The Concept of the Welfare State [Introduction and Salient Features]

The Constitution of Medina & The Concept of the Welfare State [Introduction and Salient Features]

زمرہ‎ : ڈاکٹر حسن محی الدین قادری

مصنف : ڈاکٹر حسن محی الدین قادری

زبان : انگريزی

صفحات : 24

تاریخ اشاعت : جنوری 2024ء

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The Constitution of Medina, the first written constitution in the world, is not only unique in its distinction, but also a manifestation of the highest constitutional qualities in terms of its content. If the Constitution of Medina is analysed in the light of modern constitutional standards and regulations, then all the basic qualities that should be in an ideal constitution are seen in the Constitution of Medina.

On this subject, Dr Hassan Mohi-ud-Din Qadri has written a voluminous book titled “The Constitution of Medina & The Concept of the Welfare State (A Comparative Analysis of the Constitution of Medina and Contemporary Western Constitutions)” in two volumes with 1,100 pages approximately. This unique research has also been published in Arabic and Urdu. This book has a total of 7 chapters:

1. Introduction: Formation of Western and Islamic Political Law
2. The Authentic Medinan Charter—Its Text, Articles, and the Evaluation of its Narrators
3. Analysis of the Medinan Constitution
4. The Forming of a State in the Medinan Constitution and Modern-Day Legislations
5. The General Principles of Governance in the Medinan Constitution and the Modern Legislations
6. Human Rights in the Constitution of Medina and Modern Legislations
7. State Powers between the Medinan Charter and Modern Constitutions

By comparing the Constitution of Medina with modern constitutions, it has been made clear that the Constitution of Medina covers all the details, including the nature and status of the state, the constitutional status of the individuals of the state, the rights and duties of the state, the rights and duties of the citizens of the state and other state matters. This is a unique work of its kind in the history of Islam on this subject.


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