Devotions of Allah’s Remembrance

Devotions of Allah’s Remembrance

Devotions of Allah’s Remembrance

Category : Religious Litanies and Devotions (Awrad and Wazaif

Author : Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri

Book Language : Arabic

Pages : 256

Price : Rs.140

Binding : Card

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Allah says in His glorious book:

“So remember Me and I shall remember you…” (Qur`an 2:152)

The Sacred Messenger (PBUH) also declares that remembering Allah frequently carries greater excellence with Allah than sacrificing one’s life as martyr for the sake of Allah. That is why the spiritual leaders of Sufi orders also emphasize most of all mentioning Allah’s name and bearing His remembrance in mind all the time.

The first seven chapters of the work contain prayers to Allah through His blessed names. Wazaa`if (litanies) of each month of year, especially of Ramadan, will provide with special radiance to the souls of seekers of Allah. Litanies for ridding one of hardships (chapter six) are a special feature. The text comes from verses of the Holy Qur`an, supplications of the Holy Messenger and classical Muslim mystics which have been narrated by Abu Talib Makki in Qoot-ul-Quloob, Imam Ghazali in Ihya Ulum-id-Din, Hafiz Mundhri in at-Targhib wat-Tarhib, Imam Nawawi in al-Adhkar, Khatib Tabrizi in Mishkat-ul-Masabih and some other sufis in their books. They found the litanies helpful for worshipper’s spiritual progress and peace of mind.

The last chapter has the names of Allah, and supplications to Allah through the mediation of the Master of both the worlds, Muhammad (PBUH).

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