Sugarcane Ethanol as an Alternate Fuel Source for Pakistan


Table of Contents


Executive Summary


Sugar Industry of Pakistan

Need for Alternate Fuels

Economic Feasiblity of Cane Ethanol as an Alternative Fuel

  1. Upgrading Existing Facilities
  2. Ethanol Production from Molasses
  3. Replacing Pure Gasoline with Ethanol Blended Gasonline
  4. Complete Gasonline Replacement with Ethanol

Technology Issues in Producing and using Fuel-grade Ethanol

  1. Sugarcane by-products
  2. Producing Ethanol Fuel
  3. Using Ethanol Fuel
  4. Using Ethanol Fuel Mixtures

Setting a Benchmark for Pakistan’s Ethanol Initiative

History of the Brazilian Ethanol Program

The Current Situation in Brazil

Brief Overview of other Countries’ Ethanol Initiatives

  1. United States
  2. Canada
  3. China
  4. India
  5. European Union

Fuel Ethanol – Pakistan SWOT Analysis

Policy Recommendations



Exhibit -1 Sugar production trend: 10-year figures

Exhibit -2 Pakistan Energy Supplies by source

Exhibit -3 Calculation of life of gas reserves

Exhibit -4 Growth in CNG Vehicles

Exhibit -5 Demand drivers for CNG

Exhibit -6 Growth in number of CNG vehicles

Exhibit -7 Ethanol Production Financial

Exhibit -8 Sugar production process

Exhibit -9 World Fuel total Ethanol Production

Exhibit -10 Growth comparisons between 2000 and 2005

Exhibit -11 Leading Ethanol Importers

Exhibit -12 Ethanol production in Europe

Exhibit -13 Production trends in the US

Exhibit -14 Different energy sources of United States

Exhibit -15 SWOT Analysis – Adoption of Ethanol Fuel in Pakistan


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