The Growth of Islamic Finance and Banking

Table of Contents


Chapter 1

Standardization in the Islamic Banking & Financial System: The Methodology of Inclusion (Taqlid al-Madhahib)

Chapter 2

Recent Development in Islamic Finance and financial products

Chapter 3

On the role of ownership and governance structure in raising capital: A sukuk example

Chapter 4

Takāful (Islamic Insurance) on the Blockchain

Chapter 5

IT Based Finance Hub: A New Horizon towards Transparent Zakat Distribution Model *

Chapter 6

The Way Towards Standardizing Islamic Economic, Financial and Banking Fatawa

Chapter 7

The Fallacy of Conventional Benchmarks in Islamic Banking and Finance: Defining, Defending and Discussing with Evidence from Archival Data

Chapter 8

Influence of Leverage on Ownership Structure-Performance Relationship: A Panel Data Approach of Islamic & Conventional Banks of Pakistan

Chapter 9

Dynamic correlation and volatility linkage between stocks and sukuk

Chapter 10

Provision of Riba by Religious Faith: A Comparative Analysis

Chapter 11

Layers of Misconceptions about Islamic Banking: Are Islamic Banks Threats, Challenges and Opportunities for Investors

Chapter 12

Overview of Progress in Islamic Commercial and Social Finance in Pakistan

Chapter 13

Translation of Economic Verses by Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri in the Light of Translation Studies: A Linguistic Translational Comparative Analysis

Chapter 14

Drawing inferences from Ali ibn Abi Talib’s Teachings on social, and collective responsibility for a fair and just economy

Chapter 15

Pricing anomaly: Tale of two similar credit-rated bonds with different yields

Chapter 16

Resolving Islamic Finance Disputes through Arbitration in the Middle East

Chapter 17

Formation of Tangible-Intangible Capital and Venture Philanthropy: An Innovation in Islamic Finance

Chapter 18

Theoretical, Practical vis-a-vis Legal Development in Islamic Banking: A case of Pakistan

Chapter 19

Islamic Safety Nets for the Poor: Pakistan’s Experience

Concluding Remarks on the Growth of the IBF Industry

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