The Supreme Jihad




Chapter One

Jihad and its Kinds

Chapter Two

Jihad bin-Nafs—Struggle against Self [A Spiritual Dimension]

2.1 The Real Striver Strives against the Lower Self
2.2 Striving against (Lower) Self is Supreme Jihad

Chapter Three

Jihad bi`l `Ilm—Striving for Knowledge [Intellectual Dimension]

Chapter Four

Jihad bi`l `Amal—Striving for Promotion of Morality and Human Values [The Social Dimension]

4.1 Striving against Oppression and Injustice is Jihad
4.2 Striving for Promotion of Moral Values is Jihad
4.3 Serving the Parents is Jihad
4.4 Striving for Allah’s Remembrance and Worship is Jihad

Chapter Five

Jihad bi`l Mal—Striving to Resolve the Economic Deadlock of the Indigent [Economic Dimension]

5.1 Striving for Altruism and Alleviation of Poverty is Superior to Military Option
5.2 Striving for Social Welfare and Altruism

Chapter Six

The Reward of a Reviver of a Sunna is equal to that of 100 Martyrs 65

Chapter Seven

Pilgrimage to the House of Allah is Jihad

Chapter Eight

Allah’s Remembrance Surpasses Fighting for the Cause of Allah


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