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Name   : imdad hussain
Location   : foggia, Italy
About Book   : The Great Slaughter—Isma‘il to Husayn (A.S.)
Message   : I learn too much from these books of Shaykh ul Islam. God keep their shelter on us for along time ameen.
Posted on   : Sun 5 Jul 2009   1:30:29 pm

Name   : muhammad Nadim
Location   : Daska, Pakistan
About Book   : Merits and Virtues of Sayyiduna Abu Bakr (R.A.)
Message   : Salam to all, Shaikh Ul Islam Dr.Muhammad Tahir ul Qadri is a Great Sunni Scholar of this century, in this book he describe the Fazeelat of Sayyidina Abu Bakar Siddiq (RA), some uneducated think that Tahir ul Qadri sahib is Sheya because they much describe the Fazeelat of Ahlay Bait (AS). They must know that the different between sheya and sunni is not the Love with Ahlay Bait but the different is the love with Sahaba and Shaikh ul islam love both remembet it
Posted on   : Sun 5 Jul 2009   12:02:57 pm

Name   : shoaib ahmed
Location   : Karachi, Pakistan
About Book   : The Straight Road from the Prophetic Traditions
Message   : Assalamu Alaikum Allah Dr. Tahir Ul Qadri Sahab Ki Ummar Daraaz Farmai (Ameen) Dr. Sahab Nay Hamaray Liye Jitna Kuch Kiya Ham Us Ka Shukkar ada Nahi Karsaktay Mera Agar Lahore Aana Howa To Dr. Sahab Ki (Minhaj Al Sawi) Zaroor Purchase Kroonga, Dil To Chata Ha Dr. Tahir Ul Qadri Sahab Ki Sari Books Purchase Karloon Yeh Books Hamaray Liye Anmool Hain. Allah Dr. Tahir Ul Qadri Aur Un Ki Puri Tahreek Ko Majeed Tarakki Aata Farmai Aur Dr. Tahir Ul Qadri Sahab ki Ummar Ma Barkat Ata Farmai (Ameen) Aur Unhay Apnay Mission Ma Kamyaab Farmai (Ameen Summa Ameen).
Posted on   : Wed 1 Jul 2009   12:44:07 am

Name   : qari eisa mohammadi
Location   : wiesbaden, Germany
Message   : Assalam-o-Alaikom wr wb. Allah se ye dua karta hoon, ya Allah ulama ki umar mein barakat farrma. khasosan dr qadri sahib ki umar mein. Main german me rehta hoon. kabhi kabhi islamic book lene keliya pakistan ko phone karta tha. lekan jis waqt se mein is islamic site se waqif howa to meri mushkil hall howi. Allah dr sahib ki ye khedmat qabool kare.
Posted on   : Tue 16 Jun 2009   10:41:36 am

Name   : Muhammad Sikandar Subhani Qadri
Location   : Lahore, Pakistan
About Book   : The Islamic Concept of Knowledge
Message   : Shaykh-ul-Islam is a very good author aur aaj k daur main agar kisi ko sunnana ya dekhna ho to shaykh-ul-Islam ko hi dekhna aur sunnana chahyay.. Thank u Minjhaj ul Quran team
Posted on   : Mon 15 Jun 2009   5:03:50 pm

Location   : Wah, Pakistan
About Book   : Islam and modern science
Message   : Aoa i want to download this book
Posted on   : Mon 15 Jun 2009   8:55:08 am

Name   : Muhammad Rashid
Location   : Multan, Pakistan
About Book   : Irfan-ul-Quran
Message   : This book and website is very really nice and fulfill life. I am using this site and my message to other people that they should use this site.
Posted on   : Mon 15 Jun 2009   5:11:45 am

Name   : yeesaruhullah
Location   : Chengam, India
About Book   : The Birth of the Holy Prophet (PBUH)
Message   : ڈاکٹر صاحب کی عربی کتابیں انڈیا میں نہیں ملتیں۔ بڑے افسوس کی بات ہے۔
Posted on   : Sat 13 Jun 2009   1:56:55 pm

Name   : Ali raza qadri
Location   : RAWAT, Pakistan
About Book   : Collection of Prophetic Traditions on Divine Mercy
Message   : ہم تمام اہل اسلام کو حضور شیخ الاسلام کے اس عظیم کام پر فخر ہے اللہ پاک آپ کو سلامت رکھے تا قیامت رکھے اور آپ کا سایہ ہمارے سروں پر تا دیر قائم رکھے۔ آمین ثم آمین بجاہ سیدالمرسلین۔
Posted on   : Fri 12 Jun 2009   7:51:02 am

Name   : shafi ashrafi
Location   : hyderabad, india
About Book   : The Blessings of the Prophet (PBUH)
Message   : I want to read this book.
Posted on   : Sun 24 May 2009   10:06:34 am

Name   : bushra
Location   : lahore
About Book   : Rights of Minorities in Islam
Message   : nice book
Posted on   : Sat 23 May 2009   4:37:42 am

Name   : qaisar abbas
Location   : mian channu
About Book   : The Alphabetic Names of the Holy Prophet (PBUH)
Message   : this is good book
Posted on   : Sat 23 May 2009   3:02:17 am

Name   : Muneeb
Location   : Pattoki,Pakistan
About Book   : Rights of Parents
Message   : very nice book
Posted on   : Fri 22 May 2009   5:31:25 pm

Name   : Muhammad Farooq Azam
Location   : Islamabad, Pakistan
About Book   : Rights of Parents
Message   : i want to read this book
Posted on   : Fri 22 May 2009   4:03:34 am

Name   : azhar
Location   : pakistan
About Book   : Preamble to the Biography of the Messenger (PBUH) (part-II)
Message   : great thought
Posted on   : Wed 20 May 2009   3:41:07 pm

Name   : muhammad amir
Location   : karachi, pakistan
Message   : Every Muslim try to read these books, for getting best result on judgment day.
Posted on   : Wed 20 May 2009   10:16:43 am

Name   : Nabi Raza
Location   : Larkana
About Book   : The Awaited Imam
Message   : its very knowledgeable book of minhajulquran foundation
Posted on   : Tue 19 May 2009   4:39:29 am

Name   : bushra
Location   : pakistan , karachi
Message   : Will u plz tell i live in Karachi from where i can purchase these books
Reply   : You should visit
Posted on   : Mon 18 May 2009   12:04:24 pm

Name   : aqeel nawaz
Location   : Pind Dadan Kahan
About Book   : Irfan-ul-Quran
Message   : Does Irfanul Quraan contain only Translation or Tafseer also?
Reply   : Irfan-ul-Quran is a Comprehensive & Self-Sufficient translation of Holy Quran, where general reader does not need any exegesis. You can better understand after its reading.
Posted on   : Mon 18 May 2009   2:23:54 am

Name   : Mashkoor Sheerazi
Location   : Hyderabad, Pakistan
About Book   : The Eminent Station of Saints
Message   : A.O.Alaikum, mujhey Ye book kahan se mileygi.? main hyd main rehta hoon, aaj kal market main khuley aam gair islami books milmiltihainhai
Reply   : You should visit
Posted on   : Sun 17 May 2009   8:39:13 pm

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