Let us learn Deen (Part 1)



Chapter 1: Selected Quranic Surahs

Lesson 1: Basic Terminology of Tajweed
1.1 Defining Tajweed

Lesson 2: Sound of Harakaat

Lesson 3: Huroof-e-Maddah

Lesson 4: Huroof-e-Leen

Lesson 5: Ghunnah

Lesson 6: Qalqalah (Echo)

Lesson 7: Tafkheem (heavy)

Selected Quranic Surahs

Chapter 2: Selected Ahadith-e-Nabvi

2.1 Islam, Deen of Mercy

2.2 Love for Messenger ﷺ

2.3 Rights and Aadab

2.4 Ibadat (Worships)

2.5 Zuhhud and Taqwa (Pious Devotion)

Chapter 3: Basic Concepts of Islam

3.1 Iman Billah (Faith in Allah)

3.1.1 Definition

3.1.2 Order of Sharia

3.1.3 In the Light of Quranic Verses

3.1.4 In the light of Ahadith

3.1.5 Summary of Ayahs and Ahadith

3.2 Iman Bir-Rusul (Faith in Prophet-Hood)

3.2.1 Definition

3.2.2 Order of Sharia

3.2.3 In the light of Quranic verses

3.2.4 In the light of Ahadith

3.2.5 Summary of Ayahs and Ahadith

3.3 Remembrance of Milaad of Prophets

3.3.1 Meaning of Milaad-e-Ambiya

3.3.2 Order of Sharia

3.3.3 In the light of Quranic verses

3.3.4 In the Light of Ahadith

3.3.5 Summary of Ayahs and Ahadith

3.4 Aqeeda Khatam-e-Nabuwwat

3.4.1 Order of Sharia

3.4.2 In the light of Quranic verses

3.4.3 In the light of Ahadith

3.4.4 Summary of Ayahs and Ahadith

3.5 Aqaeeda-e-Shafa’at (Intercession)

3.5.1 Meaning of Intercession

3.5.2 Order of Sharia

3.5.3 In the light of Quranic verses

3.5.4 In the Light of Ahadith

3.5.5 Summary of Ayahs and Ahadith

Chapter 4: Masnoon (Recommended) Duas

4.1 Dua After Adhaan

4.2 Dua When Entering Masjid

4.3 Dua While Leaving the Masjid

4.4 Dua for Journey

4.5 Dua on Return from Journey

4.6 Dua After Eating

4.7 Dua When Eating Somewhere Else

Chapter 5: Basic Fiqhi Masa-ile (Rules)

5.1 Wudu [Ablution]

5.1.1 Faraa-idh of Wudu (Compulsory Acts)

5.1.2 The Sunnahs of Wudu

5.1.3 Nawaaqedh of Wudu (Actions which Break Wudu)

5.1.4 Actions which do not Break Wudu

5.2 Ghusal

5.2.1 Faraa-idh of Ghusal (Compulsory Acts)

5.2.2 Procedure for performing Ghusal

5.2.3 Forbidden Acts for those upon whom Ghusal is Fardh (Compulsory)

5.3 First Three Kalimahs

5.3.1 Kalimah Tayyabah

5.3.2 Kalimah Shahadah

5.3.3 Kalimah Tamjeed

5.4 Adhan

5.5 Salaah (Namaz)

5.5.1 Masnoon Way of Salaah Face Towards Qibla Make Niyyah (Intention) Takbir-e-Tehreema Sanaa

Simple Rules of Translation Ta’awwuz & Tasmiyah

Simple Rules of Translation Surah Fatihah

Simple Rules of Translation Recitation Rukoo Qaumah Sajdah Jalsah Second Raka’at First Qa’dah Raising Finger in Tashahhud Dua

Simple Rules of Translation Salam Dua-e-Qunoot

Chapter 6: Serving the Deen

6.1 Protection of Faith in Time of Distress

6.2 Reasons of Downfall and Solutions

6.3 Path of Salvation

6.4 Come Learn Deen course and Propagation Call

6.5 Promotion of Knowledge and Minhaj-ul-Quran

6.6 Invitation of Meditation

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