Let us learn Deen (Part 1)


If we take a look at our society today, we have to accept the reality that the majority of our society is ignorant to the basic religious knowledge. We stand in prayer in the court of Almighty Allah u, but we do not offer our prayers in its proper way or fulfill its due right. We give shoulder to our parents’ funeral, but are still standing quiet during the funeral prayer. We pass our life being unaware of basic matters such as ablution and ghusal (compulsory bath).

We accept Quran as a way of living but we don’t even memorize a few chapters of it. We act as if we have the true love & respect for the Beloved Prophet a, but out of tons of His Ahadith, we don’t even remember a few of them. We think that we are Muslims who hold the true Aqeedah (faith) but we are not even aware of the basics of faith. Even though we call ourselves as Muslims, but we are unaware of the basic Islamic knowledge. Wonder if this illiteracy would lead us to kufr.

The Holy Prophet a said: “Soon there will be many fitnahs in which a person will be Muslim in the morning and Non-Muslim in the evening, except a person whom Allah u saves through knowledge.” This saying of The Holy Prophet a explains the fact that in this era of fitnah the safety of the Iman (belief) is not possible without true & proper knowledge of our Deen.

With the grace of Allah u and blessings of The Holy Prophet a, in this time of distress and illiteracy of the Muslim Ummah, Minhaj-ul-Quran International is working tirelessly towards the goals set by its pioneers for the betterment of Muslims in particular spreading knowledge of Deen. With special directions from Sheikh-ul-Islam Dr. Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri, to spread the light of knowledge and awareness within the Muslim Ummah, The Department of Training and Education initiated “Come Learn Deen” course. This course, which is based upon the knowledge of Quran, Hadith, Fiqh (Islamic Law) and basic concepts of Islam is being successfully carried out in many countries throughout the world such as Pakistan, India, UK, USA, Canada, France, Japan etc.

The basic objective of this course is to educate and give the basic knowledge about Islam to the Muslim Ummah and in particular those who are associated with Minhaj-ul-Quran, its members, workers and volunteers. For the past 5 years, throughout the whole world thousands have been trained in this course and further work on these courses is going on. Beside this, to make the culture of Hifz-e-Hadith (memorizing Hadith) common “Come Learn Hadith” course, for correction of aqaid (faith) “Irfan-ul-Aqaid” course, to read Quran with correct pronunciation, its translation and interpretation “Irfan-ul-Quran” course, Tarjuma e Quran Course and Speech Course (Fann e Khitabat) Courses are also going on. This booklet of Come Learn Deen (part one) comprises 6 chapters. These chapters are Quran, Ahadith, Basic Concepts of Islam, Masnoon (recommended) Duas, Basic Fiqhi Masaa’il (rules) and Serving the Deen.

The organization Minhaj-ul-Quran invites you to come and join us to spread the true message of Islam among the society. Come join us and play a role in spreading the basic Islamic knowledge. If you are a teacher or a head of an educational institute, then spread this message among the new generation. If Allah u has granted you with financial resources, spend it in the path of Allah u to spread knowledge.

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