SAARC & Globalization



  1. Economic Integration Model for South Asian Countries Using the European Economic Integration Model as a Basis
  1. Introduction

1.1. The Dynamics of SAARC and Regional Cooperation
1.2. The Geopolitical and Economic Problems of SAARC
1.3. Importance of SAARC
1.4. Methodology

  1. Analysis of Data
  2. Conclusions and Implications

3.1. Conclusions about the research problem
3.2. Further research



  1. Outsourcing


Theoretical and Practical Outsourcing Aspects

  1. Gain or maintain a competitive advantage
  2. Access to new markets
  3. Ability to concentrate on core competencies

Outsourcing Realities



  1. On Negotiation

Negotiating out of a Psychological Hole

A Brief Case in Mutually Satisfied Outcomes

Bounded Rationality and Negotiating

Negotiation [re]considered

Works Consulted


  1. What ails SAARC?
  2. Exploring areas of cooperation for SAARC
  3. Reforming United Nations
  4. Why developing world scared of WTO
  5. Developing Bio-energy
  6. Economic options for Pakistan
  7. Role of economic self-sufficiency in national security
  8. Tackling terrorism
  9. What ails political parties?

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