SAARC & Globalization



Prospects Policy Prescriptions

  • Why has SAARC miserably failed in delivering on its agenda?
  • What are the challenges posed to SAARC in a globalization-driven environment?
  • What can SAARC learn from other regional groupings like EU, NAFTA and AFTA etc to become a success story like them?
  • What is the role of economic self-sufficiency in strengthening national security?
  • Is national security merely a military doctrine or it incorporates other essential facets of national life?
  • What are implications of WTO for the developing world?
  • What role can United Nations play in making globalization friendlier to the developing countries through reform in its own structures, systems and procedures?
  • What are pluses and minuses of outsourcing, an aspect dominating the world economic scene these days?
  • How can terrorism be fought at individual and collective levels for greater enhancement of economic opportunities?

This book seeks to address these and many more questions in a simple and lucid manner.

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