The Vision for Green Revolution in Pakistan


This is binding on the patriotic and revolutionary political parties concerned for the people’s pains and sufferings to keep them posted about the rulers’ strategies, interests and pursuits; and further to lead and organise the masses in order to liberate them from mafias, bigots, corrupt and anti-state elements. The Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) is not a conventional political party, only doing electoral politics, but a people-friendly revolutionary party that has carried out an awareness explosion among the masses, giving them a political vision to snatch their rights from the oppressive rulers, and has squarely challenged the corrupt rulers to send their exploitive and authoritarian system and mafias packing. The electrifying PAT call took the oppressed millions to streets who vowed to fight for and win their constitutional and democratic rights. This colossal awareness of the oppressed masses resulting in an unstoppable movement of human rights is in itself a brilliant victory of PAT against the anti-people electoral rulers who have taken the legislative assemblies as hostage.

On May 11, 2014, PAT held countrywide protests in over sixty cities against the bigoted and corrupt anti-people system, marking the first anniversary of the rigged-electoral incumbent democracy. Following the call, people came out in droves that thronged into millions of the persecuted Pakistanis. Unique in nature, these protests were a revolutionary showdown, massively attended by people who affirmed their pledge to their leader in absentia. The Leader of the Revolution, Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri, addressed the participants of these protests and the people of Pakistan via video link, also telecast live on many TV channels. In his address, he delineated the policy for the proposed administrative structure of government, the instruments of good governance and the methodology to provide speedy and affordable justice to the masses. Most importantly, he presented his ten point revolutionary agenda before the nation, aimed at prosperity and welfare of the oppressed and deprived masses. He also invited them to come out and join the struggle for a positive and peaceful change and green revolution in the country. Generously hailing the lecture, the intellectuals, thinkers, academia and political analysts saw this revolutionary agenda as a perfect and only solution to the issues facing the country and the masses.

A milestone in the country’s history of political thought, the lecture has been published to make it reach out to general public in addition to the intelligentsia. We can see it will whet the enthusiasm, translating the revolutionary passion into reality.

Muhammad Farooq Rana
Deputy Director (Research)
July 2014

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