The Vision for Green Revolution in Pakistan

2. Does the Revolution Movement Pose any Threat to Democracy?

On this occasion, I would like to reply to the allegation levelled by the status quo and anti- revolution powers that we are derailing democracy. Our point of view is absolutely clear and categorical that democracy does not at all exist in this country. By bringing about revolution, we are not putting an end to any system there, as nothing like a system exists in the country. We are rather fighting against the absence of a system in the country.

  • Democracy is the system premised on good governance, transparency and self-accountability in the institutions.
  • Democracy signifies the eradication of corruption through political, administrative, legal and institutional measures.
  • Democracy is what eliminates corruption through legal process, and those guilty of corruption are taken to task accordingly.
  • Democracy is what protects the sanctity of people’s vote and safeguards their mandate.
  • Democracy is what ensures a free, fair and impartial electoral process.
  • Democracy is what provides equal representation to all sections of society.
  • Democracy is what strengthens institutions through legislation and an automatic system of accountability and provision of justice to everybody.
  • Democracy is what obliterates inequality and alleviates poverty from middle, lower middle and destitute classes of society comprising millions of people.
  • Democracy and a democratic system is what provides food, shelter, healthcare and justice to the poor.

A dastardly set-up based on unscrupulous underhand deals between major corruption-fed tycoons, ruthless landlords and plunderers claiming to be democratic leaders who call mere electioneering as politics and transfer of power and authority from one to another is not democracy.

This is no democracy to tantalize millions of starving have-nots who are homeless, skimpily dressed, obligated to cast their children into child labour instead of sending them to schools; jobless and unemployed, they trade or prostitute women, or slip into the hands of criminal gangs or terrorist bands. Out of a life worse than animals, they grow into heartless beasts who tear off peace and security of the innocent citizens. Democracy cannot take root in such a society. For true democracy, we have to change the culture along with the system.

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