The Constitution of Medina & The Concept of the Welfare State [Introduction and Salient Features]

Scientific Examination of Critics’ Objections

Western researchers, in their research on the political history of humanity, have deliberately ignored the Islamic political system and only mentioned the ancient absolute monarchies that were established in Egypt, Persia, China, Rome, etc. They deliberately ignored the mention of Islam’s great political system, even though this system not only lasted for centuries over three continents, but also played an important role in the formation of human civilization. Western researchers have also ignored those Muslim personalities who played an important role in political, economic, social, individual, and scientific and technical fields. Western researchers, while maintaining their traditional hostile approach, presented the true image of Islam in their historical books in a wrong way, even targeting the sacred personality of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ with their malicious criticism and ignoring the facts and truth about him. But how can the rank and position of a being whose mention is raised by Allah himself be reduced? In this book, such prejudiced methods and baseless objections have been scientifically examined.

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