The Constitution of Medina & The Concept of the Welfare State [Introduction and Salient Features]

The Constitution of Medina as an Important Source of Islamic Political Thought

The book under study, The Constitution of Medina & the Concept of the Welfare State (A Comparative Analysis of the Constitution of Medina and Contemporary Western Constitutions), is a scientific and research endeavour of the present age, in which the basic principles of the state policy of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ are explained in detail. And the Constitution of the Medina has been presented as an important source and source of Islamic political thought.

Before this, in the research done till today, the researchers have not highlighted the Holy Prophet’s Constitution of Medina as a separate independent discussion. Instead of the Constitution of Medina, they made the Rightly-Guided Caliphate the subject of research. That is, the basis of their research was the books written on the life, style of governance and style of politics of the Rightly-Guided Caliphs. At some places, jurisprudential and historical matters have also been made the subject of these investigations.

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