The Constitution of Medina & The Concept of the Welfare State [Introduction and Salient Features]

Explanation of the Interrelationship between Islam and Political System

In this book, the false notions that Islam and politics are two contradictory and conflicting theories have been rejected in an academic manner. The study of this book proves that the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ is the first and greatest personality in the history of mankind who laid down the best principles for the formulation and formation of constitutions, including equality, freedom of expression, justice and fairness, peace and security, and the system of Shura. In this context, his high-quality personality gives him the rank of the first constitution maker in history. He a not only laid down these principles but also put them into practice in his own life. These matters show the foresight, unparalleled understanding, and incomparable insight of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ.

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