The Constitution of Medina & The Concept of the Welfare State [Introduction and Salient Features]

Derivation of the Elements of State Formation from the Prophetic Constitution

In the fourth chapter of the book, the elements of state formation are derived from the Prophetic Constitution. The purpose of this is to make it clear that the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ established the state of Medina on the elements with which the modern world is becoming acquainted today and is laying the foundations of its civilization and developed kingdoms and states. The seven important elements of state formation are as follows:

First element: Geographical location

Second element: Population

Third element: Identity

Fourth element: Authority / Government

Fifth element: Constitution

Sixth element: Sources of Income

Seventh element: Administration

In this chapter, a comparative review of the elements of state formation of the state of Medina with the elements of formation of modern countries is presented, making it clear that the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ is the founder in establishing a state in which all the necessary elements for the establishment of the state exist. He has the lead in establishing such a state which is a beacon for the coming nations in the formation of the state.

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