Pearls of Remembrance



Remembrance of Allah in the Holy Qur’an

  • One who remembers Allah (SWT) is alive and one who does not is dead
  • Allah (SWT) evokes His rememberers on the Throne
  • Allah (SWT) expresses His pride on His Remeberers (dhakirs) in front of angels
  • Angels search streets for dhikr sittings
  • Angels cover remembrance assemblies of Allah with their wings
  • Allah (SWT) asks angels about His rememberers
  • Remembrance of Allah is better than fighting in His way
  • The rememberers of Allah (SWT) are superior to fighters in His way
  • Remembrance of Allah (SWT) is superior to giving gold and silver in charity
  • Remember Allah (SWT) so much that hypocrites call you insane
  • The rememberers of Allah (SWT) are His companions
  • Angels sit in remembrance circles and remember Allah the same way
  • The rememberers of Allah will be seated on the right of Rahman on the Last Day
  • The faces of the rememberers of Allah (SWT) will be radiant on the Last Day
  • On the Last Day Prophets and martyrs will feel delighted over the station of rememberers of Allah (SWT) and those who love for His sake
  • The rememberers of Allah (SWT) will be seated on the pulpits of pearls and light on the Last Day
  • The rememberers of Allah (SWT) are His beloved servants
  • Allah (SWT) does not reject supplication of His rememberers
  • Paradise is the reward for remembrance assemblies
  • Remembrance assemblies are the orchards of Paradise
  • The rememberers’ houses shine for those in heavens as stars for those on earth
  • Those who hold remembrance sessions will be generous and bountiful on the Day of Judgment
  • The sins of participants of remembrance circles are changed into pious deeds
  • Remembrance of Allah (SWT) when dying is most liked by Allah
  • The land where Allah (SWT) is remembered rejoices and takes pride over other lands
  • The best people are those whose sight reminds you of Allah (SWT)
  • The greatest favour of Allah (SWT) to a servant is to enable him remember Allah
  • The world is redundant except for remembrance of Allah (SWT) and its contributors
  • A rememberer among the heedless is like a lamp in the dark
  • Paradise is guaranteed to those who remember Allah (SWT)
  • Allah will shelter His rememberer beneath His shade on the Day of Judgment
  • The most beloved action in the sight of Allah (SWT) is excessive remembrance
  • The one granted a remembering tongue is blessed with the best of this world and the Hereafter
  • People of Paradise will regret every moment spent without remembrance of Allah
  • Remembrance of Allah (SWT) illumines hearts
  • Remembrance of Allah (SWT) cures hearts
  • Remembrance of Allah (SWT) is better than freeing slaves
  • Remembrance of Allah delivers from the torment of Hell-Fire
  • Allah’s remembrance delivers from Satan
  • Allah’s remembrance will unburden the rememberers on the Day of Judgment
  • “He is overwhelmed”



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